Pure Spring Water

    We use our own spring water source, drawn from 100ft below the organic land, to provide water for everything on the farm. From drinking water and bathing water for the house, holiday lets and glamping to irrigation of our vegetables and drink for the cattle and other animals as well as the hot tubs for cottages and glamping. So you can enjoy the spring water just by turning a tap or jumping in the hot tub. No nasty chlorine!!

    In the Autumn of 2012 we invited Richard Creightmore, a renowned local dowser, to come and look for a source of pure fresh spring water for our farm. That afternoon Richard marked a spot and told us that 100ft down there was a good clean supply. So a few months later, and with much holding of breath, we dug down through a layer of capping clay to a fresh source at ... 100ft down! The following year we tested the water and found that the water contains a rich range of the right minerals, and pleasingly, an unusually high level of natural silver at 4.48ug/l (see link to full report below).

    Shortly afterwards we commissioned the well and switched off our mains supply. During the day, the power for the pumps are generated from the farm solar array. Most recent full test analysis report can be viewed here.